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What is Conveyancing?

And what does a conveyancer do?

One of the most common questions I get asked at parties is what is a conveyancer? And since multi-talented firefighting ninja property superstar isn’t an actual job description, I thought it was time to explain what it is that I do.

Simply speaking, I organise the legal boring stuff behind the scenes when you are buying or selling a home. Or Farm. Or a block of land.

Conveyancers are trained legal professionals in property law, whose job it is to take the risk out of each sale or purchase of property, protecting the client through every step of the settlement process.

When buying a home, I understand this can be an exciting and stressful process. To take the stress out, I will review the contract and ensure that there are no clauses in there that could be unfavourable to you, and will place protections in so you aren’t left with house and mortgage issues that could cost you far more than what you initially pay for the home. If there are problems from the other side we negotiate on your behalf to get the best result for you.

When selling your home, I prepare the contract with any stipulations you are willing to make that fit within the style of sale you are preparing for, whether that be a private sale or an auction.

Throughout the whole settlement process I work with the lender or broker, any councils and utilities involved (essential when rural water is involved), banks and state titles offices, and ensure any and all costs are paid to relevant parties.

AS you can see, conveyancing services are an important but often overlooked part of every property transaction. When buying or selling real estate we are an integral part of getting to you to settlement day as stressfree as possible, so as a homebuyer when shopping for pre-approvals, don’t forget to find yourself a great conveyancer when you are finding a home!

If you wish to talk about your conveyancing needs, get in contact with me here!

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